How to Hire the Right Tech Talent?

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In the recent few years, the MENA market saw a huge shift in technology-based businesses and emerging technology startups. Through such a shift, many young professionals started to see their dreams come true and blossom.

But that same shift made it more challenging for HR professionals and Tech Recruiters who are always in a search for true tech talents out there. For that purpose, TechieMatter decided to give you some tips and tricks on how to hire the right tech talents with ease!


First things first,

Why recruiters find it hard to hire the right tech talents?

- Finding the right tech talent.

- Availability of Healthy Work Environment & Flexibility.

- Providing the Right Compensation to Match the Workload.


Finding the Right Tech Talent
It’s not always easy to find the perfect match for your open position. Most of the time you find yourself taking longer time to hire the right candidate. You sometimes even get stuck in the process and end up hiring less than what you expected because you cannot find what you want.

This challenge is one of the most common ones almost all the tech recruiters and HR professionals face. So, as a recruiter you need to adapt new approaches and familiarize yourself with new technologies to reach your goal.

Availability of Healthy Work Environment & Flexibility
As much as all talented and creative individuals crave healthy work environment and flexibility, so do tech talents. While many talents think that any tech company or department at any organization would be flexible, many recruiters fail to address the facts as they are or even understand their candidates’ limitations to get them in the most suitable place they can possibly thrive at.

Despite the fact that almost all the tech talents are night owls and 90% of them are men according to Stack Overflow’s Global Survey, not necessarily all of them would appreciate staying many late nights at their companies.

The reason for that exists actually in that same survey! As it shows, about 75% of professional developers are under 35 years of age and 87% of developers said they have learned a new language, framework, or tool all by themselves.

This simply shows us that those same developers like to use their time wisely and on developing their skills. So, it won’t really help them to get to a work place that sucks their personal and professional growth time or even reduce their satisfaction level. 

About that, Amena Thabet, People Operations Manager at Raisa Energy told TechieMatter that the work environment for talents in general and tech talents in particular must have flexibility as a main feature to allow them to be more creative at what they do.

Not just that, but Amena emphasized that for tech talents specifically “flexibility comes with huge responsibility” and that recruiters have to hire those who show accountability more because the world is leaning forward towards those with great personality traits over those with only technicality skills.

She added that tech recruiters have to also deal with tech talents as human beings rather than just numbers because talents deserve to have a fair chance at developing their technical and personal skills as they grow where they work. They must also find balance between their personal life and work to be able to continue and even be retained in that same company.


Providing the Right Compensation to Match the Workload
The emerging of multiple startups in the MENA region has impacted the market in a good and bad way. The good way in which it created massive job opportunities for almost every tech talent.

Whereas the bad aspect according to many tech recruiters lies in the fact that those same startups have inflated the salaries of many tech talents regardless of whether their skills match the required job description and expectations or not.

Ibrahim Mamdouh, Senior Recruitment Coordinator at BDO Esnad agreed with the statements mentioned above. He told TechieMatter that one of the main challenges facing him during the recruitment process is salaries. Unlike many tech recruiters, Ibrahim ensures that the MENA market has many talented tech calibers, but the core challenge in hunting or hiring them is the skyrocketing salaries.



Now we understand the chalanges, How to Solve Them & Hire the Right Tech Talent?

- First, Tech Recruiters and HR professionals need to adapt new approaches and technologies to reach the right talent. Not just that, but they also need to use the right tools and systems to assess the talents they meet every day.

They must to be able to tell if the talent they meet has what it takes for the job decryption or not. It takes more effort at first, but it can be done with ease when you prioritize right. 

TechieMatter can help you with that. Get in touch Today!

- Second, making sure to provide all tech talents a healthy work environment and flexibility is crucial to allow them to make huge success. It is very important to maintain their satisfaction levels high to be able to keep them as loyal employees at the company.  

Flexibility and good work environment are always important factors for tech talents regardless of the stage, starting from the hiring process until retention. So as a recruiter, you have to make sure that the candidate you are choosing fits the company culture perfectly, as well as, enjoys flexibility and values it highly to stay.


- Third, knowing what to offer to the right tech talent is important to win them in the recruitment process. It’s known that overall tech talents like to get compensated well in comparison to the job description and number of deliverables they will carry. 

Being fair to them is essential here, but as a recruiter you also need to be sure of the exact skill level you are hiring the tech talent for to avoid the inflated title and salary problem.

To save your time and effort, reach out to TechieMatter to get assistance in your search for tech talents.

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